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Corporate Information

Emergency Assistance, a pro-active Qatari based company, works to ensure the success of joint ventures with a variety of International partners. The company is eager to engage with companies that think outside of the box and wishes to bring likeminded, innovative companies throughout the world to work together at business in Qatar.

Emergency Assistance is honoured to be affiliated with an impressive group of business partners and associates in exciting and mutually beneficial trading partnerships. All are trusted partners, working in Qatar from a variety of locations worldwide.

Each and every company involved is offering their considerable profession expertise, across an ever increasing and varied range of industries, services, and cutting edge technology by forming joint venture opportunities in conjunction with local Qatari and Regional companies.


Emergency Assistance

Every second counts in an emergency situation. Crisis Response Application vision is to built an app that can help users in case of emergency situation, on road, at home, office, mall and so on.

The Application helps you when you can’t help yourself. The Application will locate your GPS position address and help to call emergency number or call a number that you set, or send sms to the same number or an alert to the command and control center. In addition it will allow emergency personnel to know your medical basic data i.e. allergies, Medical Conditions, don’t, family doctor details etc.


Fire brigade
Traffic Police