Emergency Assistance

Every second counts in an emergency situation. Crisis Response Application vision is to built an app that can help users in case of emergency situation, on road, at home, office, mall and so on.

The Application helps you when you can’t help yourself. The Application will locate your GPS position address and help to call emergency number or call a number that you set, or send sms to the same number or an alert to the command and control center. In addition it will allow emergency personnel to know your medical basic data i.e. allergies, Medical Conditions, don’t, family doctor details etc.

Salient Features

Complete list of all the emergency departments with telephone numbers, nearest location connected with google maps, i.e.

Fire brigade
Children Emergency Center
Car Accident Insurance
Bomb Disposal
Civil Defence
Natural disaster
  • Your Current GPS location
  • Ability to Call & SMS from the application
  • Complete Electronic Medical Record
  • Emergency Siren
  • Record Videos & Pictures
  • Report emergency for others
  • Single click call/sms/notification
  • Record Important numbers and send notification to them
  • Record Home and other important Location
  • Theft or Robbery Silent Alert
  • Emergency Guide and a lot more

Key Benefits

  • App can facilitate during medical emergencies, accidents, crime situations (eve-teasing, theft, stalking, etc.)
  • App can flag down assistance when you need it most. Simply touch screen to flash faster!
  • Help emergency and roadside services pinpoint your location
  • Alert traffic to your presence or road hazards
  • Great specially for motorists, bicyclists, hikers, skiers, walkers, runners etc.
  • Ideal for low visibility situations - nighttime, bad weather, parking lots
  • Works on multiple devices and screen sizes
  • Simple, easy to use app with no ads or banners
  • Quick way to ask for help using Call and Share your location by SMS.
  • Easy way to find and Get direction to your nearest Police Station or Hospital or Insurance provider.
  • Emergency siren that can help you to locate in emergency situation
  • Learn techniques/tips to be ready to fight with emergency situation before any unexpected happen and a lot more